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Web Radio for Yoga

Whether you practice once a year, a month, a week, a day, if yoga is part of your life, we want to hear you on our web radio show


My name is Daniel.

I decided to abandon any possibility to interview Seth Godin. Yet, I love his work over and above everything else.  Why don't I quit?  I called his assistant and he told me no (gently, politely,I might add) in such a way that I understood I was dreaming on cloud
nine.  Then I tried again and he wrote to me... personally:  WoW.  It's cool, I'm lovin it.

I’m still following and am a fervent adept of Seth’s work, I listen to his youtube conferences, etc. (I admit, I never purchased one of his book, one day it will come :-)

I was told I can’t not interview Seth for my web tv / radio start up
so I went and did an interview (in English) of someone else.  In fact,
if you listen to my radio show, it is not even me who did the interview. 
My English (spoken that is) is not that great.  French is my mother
tongue and like TS Garp, I’m terribly shy

I would, instead, be the translator so that those who know Seth (and
may be yourself) for one of his translated book will hear him if he
accpets to be part of this web radio show.


I’m certain your plate is full.  You decide the time and date
and I’ll adpat to your choice.  The ideal situation would be that you
give me some lead time so I can book studio time, etc.

Then I asked Seth's assistant: Winnie.

I haven't heard from her yet.  Winnie, if you see Seth down the aisle, please ask him the same and I'll give you the microphone so you can interview him if this is good for everyone.  You can ask Seth Godin the kind of question the audience would like to hear and I'll be the technician behind the console.  OK?

If your available and up to the challenge (BTW I am participating at your 7 day challenge, tks for the invite)

So far so good?

No catch, no surprise question.  I’ll be at your service for the
duration of the web radio show. Once the show is done, I’ll send you the
raw .mp3 file if your not sure how to go and grab it.

Why am I being so generous?

That is my dharma, my “raison d’être”.

Looking forward to see if you will accept my challenge ;-)

And if you can’t, if you don’t, remember with me, failing does not exist ;-)


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